Office of Community and Civic Life

Format: Renaming Process, Logo, Identity System, Print Collateral, Online & Print Templates

Client: The Office of Community and Civic Life, City of Portland

Services: Research, Design Strategy, Custom Logo Mark, Brand Identity System, Template Design

Created in 1974 to as a way for neighborhood associations to engage in the local government’s decision-making process, by 2018 “The Office of Neighborhood Involvement” needed a complete rebrand and renaming campaign to reflect its expanded programs and relationship with the public. In collaboration with Sona Pai, our Communication Consultant, Fort Wick led the rebranding campaign, from creating a new custom logo mark to new brand identity systems for the 20+ unique programs across Civic Life.

Through public research interviews, focus groups, surveys, and an iterative collaboration with Civic Life leadership and stakeholders, the name “The Office of Community & Civic Life”  was chosen as the best reflection of the bureau’s reason for existence. Based on Civic Life’s central mission as a hub connecting the people of Portland to their city government, Fort Wick created a custom logo mark playing on the idea of a wheel, with each brightly colored spoke representing Civic Life’s representing different bureau programs and missions.

With so many independent programs across the bureau, a flexible and dynamic brand identity system was key. Our custom logo mark let us naturally adapt the logo with different colors and names for each program while keeping the overall brand identity instantly recognizable. As each of these were created, downstream templates for everything from PowerPoint to wearable buttons were redesigned and numerous notebooks and guidelines explaining the new brand identity internally and to the public were produced. We think the work and love put into this effort by Fort Wick and Civic Life will serve the bureau for decades to come.